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4C Farmer Group

The 4C Farmer Group Introduction

FRIday - 16/11/2012 16:44
4C Farmer Group is third coffee cooperative which grows sustainable coffee certified after CSCC ( The Cooperative for Producing Safe Coffee for Community’s Health) and the Dak Mar Farmer Group. The 4C Farmer Group has received 4C certification in 2012.

The 4C Farmer Group includes 234 business partners in coffee trading. The Group grows coffee in sustainable manner and ensures coffee with high quality. Sustainable coffee is coffee grown in a manner that is kind to the environment and its people. All members of 4C Farmers Group has been trained with necessary knowledge and provided with useful information to grow coffee trees according to 4C regulations before becoming its members.


In growing activities, the members in the Group will apply modern methods in growing coffee and comply with 4C Code of Conduct. The Group replaces the natural nutrients of the land by spreading fertilizers and organic matter (composted coffee pulp) under the coffee trees and between the coffee trees.  This type of fertilization has been found to increase yields over time and to produce a more uniform and natural mineral content in the ground. The Group also engages in practices such as shade growing, bio-diversification, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture.


In the 2012-2013 period, the 4C Farmer Group will try to obtain expected productivity of 23, 989 sacks (60kg per sack).

With strict compliance with 4C Code of Conduct and thanks to experiences of 2 above coffee cooperatives, the 4C Farmer Group desire to develop the Group in higher level of coffee quality and expansion in the Group’s operation scale.