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Coffee: 8 benifits

TUEsday - 08/11/2011 16:33
Coffee, aromatic and flavor reminiscent, to the extent that many if not light out "environmental impact" on the old coffee breaks as missing something. But it's also a second drink, but scientists have been very objective set out eight reasons to choose.


Coffee, aromatic and flavor reminiscent, to the extent that many if not light out "environmental impact" on the old coffee breaks as missing something. But it's also a second drink, but scientists have been very objective set out eight reasons to choose.

1. Coffee makes us more comfortable and easy

The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine - a substance to affect the central nervous system, causing excitement. This sure everyone noticed after 10-15 minutes drink coffee. The euphoria that the psychological impact, making it easy, ready to ignore miscellaneous works, ready to nod.

In a survey of scientists in Australia, University of Queensland over 400 volunteers which have views against abortion and "dead quiet". Along the same as drinking a glass of water together, then read an article by two opposing factions that point. Then consult with them, most people drink orange juice mixed views changed little caffeine, agreed with the article and watch.

But people still drink pure orange juice "is standing." Not drinking coffee is brought reconciliation and highly convincing why?

2. Coffee consumption of fat

A secret: Cindy Crawford rub coffee grounds on a person to ... keep your body toned beauty with great curves. That is why in all kinds of creams to target subcutaneous fat layer all contain caffeine.

Beauty expert Dr. Elisabeth Dancey said: "When we used a preparation Republic caffeine in alcohol, caffeine will be absorbed through the skin and stimulates the cells release fatty acids, thereby reducing fat deposition layer. Drinking tea and coffee under 2 cups per day will help you boost the fat metabolism. "

But coffee is a double-edged sword in the place of fat deposition. "If you use the 2 cups, it promotes circulation to the local accumulation of toxins in here." Dr. Dancey said.

3. Coffee reduces the risk of asthma and allergy cure

Many documents referred to medical effects of caffeine do people with asthma breathe easier and to reduce the risk of asthma. From the late 19th century, French writer Marcel Proust, with asthma, wrote "As a child, the caffeine helped me breathe." Many studies have now confirmed this.

One works in Italy, 70,000 people watched on caffeine is confirmed "engraved crystal" of asthma. If drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, the risk of asthma attacks was reduced by 28%.

Coffee is very useful in controlling the allergic reactions of the people or symptoms. Because it works to reduce the release of histamine into the blood, which causes allergy.

4. Coffee helps reduce pain

The sedative usually contain caffeine. Coffee by accelerating effects of the substance reduces pain by helping them to be absorbed quickly.

A hot cup of tea or coffee you can do from a headache is something that everyone knows. Indeed, if these substances often cause headaches, vasodilation, then again caffeine makes blood vessels contract. The pain usually contain caffeine dose reduction and use such means to reduce dependence on drugs (because drugs are chemicals and should never use more).

In the U.S., a study by the University of Georgia scientists say that drinking java (a type of soft drink containing caffeine) is intended to reduce the muscle pain of athletes during heavy exercise better than drinking aspirin.

5. Coffee protect against liver disease

A study in 2005 on 10,000 volunteers by the National Institute on liver, kidney and gastrointestinal have shown that caffeine in coffee and tea reduces the risk of liver damage caused by the drink "heavy" and the phenomenon causes obesity.

A previous study in Norway has concluded three cups of coffee a day can reduce the death rate from cirrhosis.

6. Coffee stimulates brain activity

Coffee is good for the brain? The research team of Prof. Andrew Scholey, Center for Research and Cognitive Sciences at the University Northrumbia neurons (UK), affirmed as well.

The volunteers split into groups to drink coffee every day and the group did not drink coffee. Each group used an equal amount of caffeine and cognitive tests. The results are as good.

Professor Scholey said: "Our results suggest that caffeine in a cup of coffee is increased alertness, lucid and focused in intellectual activities, increasing the speed of thinking.

It also increases the creativity. French writer Honoré de Balzac, author of "supporting his" giant coffee to drink all night writing. He often told a pond to drink coffee without sugar to make this work to life.

7. Coffee increases muscle strength

Coffee increases the strength that people can jump higher, farther, run faster. That is why at the Olympics or international regulations limit caffeine levels in the blood of athletes in competition.

In 2003 a team at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra found that athletes who drink a little caffeine before exercise can increase performance from 3 to 30% who did not drink.

The researchers explained that caffeine stimulates the burning of fat rather than sugar into the muscles to generate energy. Other studies show caffeine reduces fatigue.

8. Coffee against type II diabetes

Since it has long been suspected to have a certain associa


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