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4C Association Introduction

FRIday - 16/11/2012 15:19
The 4C Association is an open, inclusive and participatory initiative driven by stakeholders of the global coffee sector. Click to read more.

The 4C Association is an open, inclusive and participatory initiative driven by stakeholders of the global coffee sector. Its main aim is to develop and implement a concept for continuous improvement of the production, post-harvest processing and trading of coffee towards social, environmental and economic sustainability. Its members believe that only a participatory decision-making process of all actors along the coffee supply chain will allow the cooperating quantities of coffee meeting basic sustainability criteria within all three dimensions.

By virtue of their registration all members of the 4C Association- accept the authority of the Mediation Board. This acceptance will be the binding principle (compromise) for the member and the association.

In accordance with the Rules of Participation of the 4C Association, all members are encouraged to seek amicable settlement in any dispute, in the spirit of mutual trust and continuous improvement that underlies the 4C System. Failing such an amicable settlement the Mediation Board will be the accepted authority. Registration as a member of the 4C whenever this is relevant.

The Mediation Board will settle disputes arising from the interpretation of, or the failure to respect the Statutes of the 4C Association, its by-laws or the 4C Essentials. These disputes may be between two or more members, or between members and the association or one of its organs. The Mediation Board may also settle disputes regarding these elements between members and non-members of the Association, provided the non-member accepts this mediation.

The Mediation Board will not mediate in any commercial dispute outside the scope of the 4C Rules of Participation, Statutes and 4C Code of Conduct. The relevant standard coffee contracts and their arbitration institutions continue to exercise jurisdiction over disputes arising out of contractual obligations.

The 4C Association working areas:

- Set and maintain the 4C Code of Conduct, a set of baseline standards to start producers on the path to sustainable production;

- Provide access to tools and information for coffee farmers to implement the 4C Code of Conduct and good agricultural practices;

- Set rules for the 4C verification system to preserve the integrity of 4C verifications;

- Actively promote sustainability standards and initiatives in the market to create greater value for verified/certified coffees; and

- Provide an open and dynamic platform for exchange where stakeholders can work together on pre-competitive sustainability issues that affect the entire coffee sector. In this role, the 4C Association organizes forums or workshops on a regular basis or helps setting joint projects between different stakeholders to tackle a particular sustainability issue.

The 4C Association aims to unite all relevant coffee stakeholders in working towards the improvement of the economic, social and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing to build a thriving, sustainable sector for generations to come.

The 4C Association is the leading multi-stakeholder sustainable coffee platform, guiding the mainstream sector toward more sustainable production in a pre-competitive arena where all relevant stakeholders are enabled to participate.



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